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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Mommy Experience!

Hi Mommy's!
    So in this blog I basically just want to post stuff about being a Mom. I love reading about other Mom's experiences, good and bad, and so I thought I'd share my own. Facebook isn't exactly where I'd like to do that. I want to have something more personal and more geared towards motherhood. SO I'm going to be posting things every so often that are happening with Damon. Feel free to comment and share what you're going through with your little ones, offer me advice, or just let me know I'm not the only one out there who is sleep deprived and living in sweats 5 days of the week!
So I want to give you a little background on Damon and I so those of you who don't really know us can know a little bit about us.
Damon was always such a little wiggler in my tummy. Like seriously he was moving ALL of the time. I have a really small torso so I felt like he was always in my ribs. I had a really easy pregnancy. I was never sick or throwing up and felt pretty good up until about 34 weeks. Then I was ready to be DONE. I was so ready to meet my little guy. His room was all ready for him and my house had been sanitized a million times.
My due date was May 9th. My Dr. said I could be induced anytime the week before. So May 5th was the special day. Cinco de Mayo! Everyone that came to visit had to wear sombrero's! So I went in at 7 AM and thought I'd have my little boy by Noon. No problem. Well.....little did I know, that's not how Damon had it all worked out.
I was contracting but I couldn't feel anything. My tummy would get super tight but it wasn't painful at all. So I was thinking, "Man! I'm such a champ. This doesn't even hurt!" haha yeah I know, I know! Just you wait.
So the Dr. came and broke my water around 12. My petocin level was at 28 because I still wasn't feeling anything.....well about 45 minutes later I was definitely feeling it. Back to back, on top of each other, continuous contractions! I got my epidural around 3:45 and took a nap. Oh it was sooo nice. I thought it'd be smooth sailing from there. Again I was totally WRONG!
I dialated really quickly and was at a 9 and a half in no time! I was like "Bring it on!". Well I stayed that way for the next 4 hours. So 9:30 rolls around and I'm starting to feel a little pressure. So one of the 10 nurses that I had that day came in and checked me....then brought in another nurse to check me. "Hey, anyone else wanna come snag a peak?" Any personal space I had when I entered that room left real quick!
They told me I could start pushing if I wanted and try to get my cervix that last half centimeter. I was ready to get him out so I started pushing around 10:00....My Dr. was supposedly in the parking lot at the time on his way up. Well about an hour and a half later, my Dr. joins us. Turns out Damon is face up. The Dr. tried to turn him for about a half hour. My epidural was wearing off and I was beginning to feel everything. I kept pushing and Damon was already in the birth canal and wouldn't turn.
You guessed it....Emergency C- Section.....
We took a lamaze class before the baby and the teacher said at least one of us would have a c-section and I was like "yeah right, not gonna be me! I'm already fully effaced and dialated to a 2!" WRONG again!
I knew that I had pushed as hard as I could. I knew that it wasn't my fault I was having a C-section. I still couldn't keep from crying. I'd never had surgery before. This was the last thing I wanted to have happen. All I was thinking was "I shouldn't have been induced". So there I was a blubbering mess, feeling every contraction, a baby lodged in my birth canal and a stupid nurse is trying to close my legs to get me on the bed to take me to surgery. I told her I couldn't do hurt too much and my epidural had worn off. She smiled and said "We'll make sure you get the medicine you need in just a minute" (insert strap over my legs to hold them partially closed) THANKS A LOT!!! That makes me feel soo much better!
We get in the operating room. I get some meds and before I knew it, there was little Damon. Well 8 lbs 8 oz 21 in long, Damon! Strong and healthy. I was able to see him but not hold him and that was hard for me. But I was so glad that he was here and healthy and safe.
He had a pretty bad cone head and a bit of bruising. He had jaundice for a few days but we were able to leave the hospital on the 10th. It was great being at home and just enjoying him! He was so sweet and fun to be with.
Even though it was kind of a nightmare getting him here, he is so worth it! He is such a sweet little baby!


  1. Way to be a trooper. I could not imagine have to have a c- section. Both of my labors were super easy on I was induced and the other not. I will say that being induce hurts a way worse than going into labor.

    They only get more fun as they grow up. I love listening to Karlee talk about things. I love hearing how she sees things.

  2. Haley,you are a trooper. Your story made me realise that I also want to be a mom some day...even though I have been in denial for a long time and have always thought that family and kids's just not my thing...
    I don't know you very well but I feel that you are such a great girl. God bless you and your family!

  3. Oh thanks Christina!! Being a mom is so rewarding and so much fun! I wouldn't trade it for anything! McKayla, you are lucky! Easy labor sounds so nice! I really hope my next one goes a lot better!

  4. That is crazy! Hopefully your next one will be a little easier! They are so worth it though aren't they!

  5. They are sooo worth it! I hope my next one's easier too! haha I don't know if I could go through that again! haha