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Thursday, March 3, 2011


So did anyone else have a nurse tell them their baby needed to eat every 2 hrs...even at NIGHT?! Well I did. And I did it. And Damon learned to wake up every 2 hours, every night, for at least 5 months. FUN! I knew I was going to be sleep deprived but holy cow! I was like a zombie. I tried spacing out his feedings to 3 and 4 hours during the day, but he still woke up at least 3 times every night. I tried just giving him a binky and not feeding him at all. That was fine, but he still woke up. I tried to let him cry it out. Yeah, that didn't work. He would cry for like 2 hours. I couldn't find anything that would work! He didn't like to take naps during the day most days, or he would want like 3 or 4 naps a day. I couldn't get him on a schedule.
Well it eventually got a little bit better and he started sleeping for about 5 hours at a time. That was really nice. Then it was 7 hours. Now he is sleeping from 9:30-6 then he goes back to bed until about 9:30! It's great! I think he was going through separation anxiety for a while. Now it's like he flipped a switch. In fact he has been sleeping for the last 3 hours. I just sent Dan up to wake him up because it's 7:30. But it's been his only real nap all day. So I'll let it slide;)
One thing that I need some help figuring out is he hates his crib. When it is nap time I have to make sure he is OUT before I lay him in his crib. As soon as he feels my body pull away he wakes up! So then I'll try rocking him back to sleep. This can go on for an hour. Sometimes I just wait an hour and try again. But then it throws off his schedule for the whole day. Any advice?


  1. Love the blog. Try putting him in his room awake and then sitting by his crib until he falls asleep (holding his hand, or rubbing his back) each day move further out of the room. This is what I have had to do with Layla especially at night. hope something helps.

  2. Kaleb was like that when we came home form visiting family. He will only sleep on his stomach now, I have to lay him down and pat his back until he falls back asleep.

  3. Haley, I love your blog and your baby sounds just wonderful!! My youngest is almost 8 months, Carter is his name. My advice is something that has worked for me but might not work for anyone else...I try to put them in their crib when their eyes are just starting to close. Right now you are thinking great idea but then he will wake up. And you are right he will, and you will rock him or bounce him until you get right back to that point and then do it again. You might do this 5 or 6 times and want to put your hair out 10 or 11 times but a couple days of this and he will learn that his crib is where he naps! I have done this with my three kids and they get to where you can put them down fully awake and they will sooth themselves to sleep. And from my experience when you get three you need them to self sooth!! I hope I didn't ramble too much and I hope it helps!! Good luck, your are a great mom!

  4. Ugh, this all sounds WAY too familiar! My first has been a horrible sleeper till just recently and she will be three in new baby is much better. Ally used to HATE sleeping anywhere other than on my lap for naps and finally for awhile I gave in because she was so cranky if she didn't just seem to have issues with sleep in seems to be one of those things we have to teach them along with all of the other things we have to teach! I do know teething made sleeping a nightmare for awhile and I'm NOT looking forward to that coming up with my second. ;) Hope you find some solutions and sanity!