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Friday, March 4, 2011

9 Month Checkup!

Remember when you first get to hold your baby, and they are so tiny and small and only weigh like 8 pounds.....and now your throwing your back out trying to get their car seat out of the car! Well that, my friends, is the story of my life! Damon was born a big baby. He's always been a little chubster. Well he is up to 21 lbs and I can't believe it. No wonder I'm so buff! ;) I seriously need an hour massage every week from hauling this little boy around in his car seat all the time.
He's such a healthy little guy, and I'm so glad! I guess it's worth the back pain knowing he's healthy. So one of the questions I had for the pediatrician today was a bout a little patch of hair on Damon's head. I know that sounds kinda strange but here's the deal. Ever since he was born he's had a patch of blonde/red/fire orange hair on the back of his head. It started out blonde and now changes colors. Anyways, we heard that sometimes that can be the cause of a blood clot in his brain. So I asked the pediatrician about it and he doesn't think it's anything to worry about, but with his birthing process it makes me wonder. So he's going to contact the neurologist and ask him a few more questions. Have any of you heard of this happening? The patch seems like it's in the same spot where he had quit a bit of bruising when he came out.
Anyways, hopefully it's nothing but a birthmark or something. It's such a funny little spot. Well it's actually quit big now. He's developing great and doesn't seem to have any problems so I try not to worry, but I'd like a definite NO it's nothing before I forget about it completely.
Damon took 2 little steps last night. He's been pushing around this little bike thing today all over the place. He's been doing this funny little growl lately. It makes me laugh! He has such a fun personality. He's always so happy and smiley. This morning he was rocking out to Lady Gaga with me. He loves music and will rock back and forth on his knees when it's on. I'll try and post a video a little later about it. it's adorable! Anyways! I hope you're all having a great day!!


  1. Oh you have such a sweet little guy! An di hope that adorable spot of hair is nothing too serious!! I can't believe he took a couple of steps! OH MY GOODNESS! How exciting! I lov eyou guys and can't wait till I see you again!!!! :)

  2. I hope it's nothing too! There's so much to worry about with kids! My little bro has a patch that is pure white in his very dark brown hair and I've been told it's kinda like a birth mark for hair. Maybe Damon's is similar. Keep us posted on it! It's crazy how fast they grow isn't it!

  3. We haven't heard anything back from the Dr. So I'm guessing he found nothing wrong with it. I've known quite a few people with that white patch. It's so random! haha It's just crazy because his is bright orange hahaha it's so funny.