Mommy Brigade

Friday, June 28, 2013

Comforting Pink Line

Let's get a little up close and personal shall we? Here's a little fun fact about me.....
I love this....

It's comforting. Stress relieving. It makes me sleep better too.
About every month right before shark week, I convince myself I'm pregnant! Seriously almost every month. Then Dan freaks out a little, and we convince ourselves that it will be ok! And we can handle 3! Right???
Then I break down and go buy a test.
Take the test.
Freak out for the longest 3 minutes of my life.
Then do a little happy dance and squeeze my kids and laugh at how ridiculous I am. Then I get just a little sad. Maybe another one wouldn't be so bad? Then Damon pokes Rafe in the eye with my mascara and I snap back to reality and think, yeah I'm good.
I'm not on BC because it makes me feel all weird and emotional. So we use.....alternative methods. And it hasn't failed us yet! But it's never 100% and that makes me nervous. We don't have insurance right now and our kids were both around the 25k range. Plus I'm just not ready to add another one. Damon isn't even potty trained yet...that's a whole post in itself, stubborn kid! My signs of being pregnant are usually pretty similar to when I start my period. Sore boobs, I'm tired, hungry, and cranky. Sounds like a blast right? So that's why I always freak out, because the signs are so similar!
There are definitely days when I think I could be done having kids. But then I think how fun it would be to have a girl! And I think I want one of those. SO down the road in probably a year or two we will think about it. But right now.....our kids are a little crazy and are a two man wrecking crew. They tag team me all day long. And I can't wait for bedtime to come so I can take off the mommy hat, then I see them sleeping and just want to wake them up and squish and kiss those chubby cheeks and realize how lucky I am to be their mommy and how much they have changed my life! Who needs to pee with the door closed anyways?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Toddlers Sharing Rooms!

Hey Mommies!!! So we just moved to TX and I have had my boys sharing a room for the last month of two. It's been working out pretty well, but there are times when it drives me crazy! I put them in the same room to help with the transition. I tried it after a few weeks at my parents house when my kids sleeping sucked! Bedtime routine would take like an hour, then Damon would be awake forever, Rafe would just cry and cry, and they would both wake up during the night and super early. So we all started sleeping in the same room and all the issues went away. I could tell they loved having eachother in the room. So when we moved we put them together. Bedtime has been cut in half for sure, and they are normally pretty good about just going to sleep. Naptimes are pretty impossible. Damon always wants to go wake Rafe up and play with him when he's napping, and I think Rafe has gotten used to having someone in the room with him, so now it's harder to fall asleep on his own. So he rarely naps. Right now he's passed out on the couch, which has been good so far haha! We'll see what happens in five minutes though. So nap times have been rough and now at bedtime Damon will cry for us if he's not tired and it keeps rafe awake, making both kids fussy the next day. You know how it is. Crappy nights sleep, cranky babies the next day!
Any advice? I've started giving them quiet time during the day in their room and will put a movie on for them. Sometimes they fall asleep, other times they just watch. Which has been nice to just have some time for myself.  But I don't like playing movies at night for them to fall asleep to. Theyve been getting lots of tv lately! Should I play music? Keep a light on in the room? or seperate them until they are older? We talked about getting them bunk beds, but I think they're still a little small for that. Mostly Rafe. anyways, any thoughts on how to make Damon be better about having Rafe in there with him?