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Monday, March 14, 2011


SO for those of you who read my other blog, you've already heard most of this, so if you want to scroll down to the bottom, there's new stuff there.
Dan and I had to give talks this last Sunday in church. Mine was on the importance of having an eternal family. I talked a little bit about how I feel about being a Mom, and it just made me realize how much I love it. A lot of girls my age are going to school, working, and dating. Most can't even imagine having a baby to take care of. But I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world! I would do anything for my little man. In my talk I said that I felt like I was finally living what I had spent most of my life preparing for. That's the best way I can sum it up. I truly feel like this is what I'm supposed to be doing. Taking care of my little family.
It was my Mom's birthday this last week and I guess between my talk and her birthday it just made me realize how important Mom's are. Don't get me wrong, I've always thought this. But it's different now that I'm a Mom and  can feel that special love for my child, and to look back and see the things my amazing Mom did for me and the things she taught me. She is now one of my best friends. We talk all the time and see eachother often. I love having her so close and know that she is always a phone call away if I ever need her.
On another note, Damon is teething. I think it's his back molars on both sides. top and bottom. This kid teeths like crazy! And I know if there's one, there's 3 more right behind it! He's been sweet for the most part, every once and while when they are really bugging him he gets fussy.
Oh and I stopped nursing the begining of March. And.....I don't miss it. Yeah it was nice having that bond with Damon, but he got to this point where he just wasn't interested. He never wanted to just nurse, he wanted to look around and stick his fingers in my nose. So it was getting really annoying. It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm still kind of producing which is weird to me but maybe that's normal? Any advice on that?
When I first quit it was so painful! Holy cow! I had even tried weaning him off to just once a day so it wouldn't hurt so much when I quit, but that was a silly thought. It was horrible. And it lasted like 4 days. Now they are pretty much back to normal. I've always been a "busty" girl, but when I was nursing I seriously felt deformed! haha they were sooo big, and when I quit they were even bigger! ( I hope there's no men reading this blog.....especially ones I know hahah) I'm sure you Mom's can relate. It's nice to have them almost back to normal. Now I can go running and workout without having to keep pads in my bra and have them hurt so much. Anyways, Sorry if that was a little too much info. Just be lucky I'm not one of those weirdies that posts pics of every little thing! haha I would love some comments on this stuff so feel free to leave me your advice and your experiences in this kind of stuff!

Friday, March 4, 2011

9 Month Checkup!

Remember when you first get to hold your baby, and they are so tiny and small and only weigh like 8 pounds.....and now your throwing your back out trying to get their car seat out of the car! Well that, my friends, is the story of my life! Damon was born a big baby. He's always been a little chubster. Well he is up to 21 lbs and I can't believe it. No wonder I'm so buff! ;) I seriously need an hour massage every week from hauling this little boy around in his car seat all the time.
He's such a healthy little guy, and I'm so glad! I guess it's worth the back pain knowing he's healthy. So one of the questions I had for the pediatrician today was a bout a little patch of hair on Damon's head. I know that sounds kinda strange but here's the deal. Ever since he was born he's had a patch of blonde/red/fire orange hair on the back of his head. It started out blonde and now changes colors. Anyways, we heard that sometimes that can be the cause of a blood clot in his brain. So I asked the pediatrician about it and he doesn't think it's anything to worry about, but with his birthing process it makes me wonder. So he's going to contact the neurologist and ask him a few more questions. Have any of you heard of this happening? The patch seems like it's in the same spot where he had quit a bit of bruising when he came out.
Anyways, hopefully it's nothing but a birthmark or something. It's such a funny little spot. Well it's actually quit big now. He's developing great and doesn't seem to have any problems so I try not to worry, but I'd like a definite NO it's nothing before I forget about it completely.
Damon took 2 little steps last night. He's been pushing around this little bike thing today all over the place. He's been doing this funny little growl lately. It makes me laugh! He has such a fun personality. He's always so happy and smiley. This morning he was rocking out to Lady Gaga with me. He loves music and will rock back and forth on his knees when it's on. I'll try and post a video a little later about it. it's adorable! Anyways! I hope you're all having a great day!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So did anyone else have a nurse tell them their baby needed to eat every 2 hrs...even at NIGHT?! Well I did. And I did it. And Damon learned to wake up every 2 hours, every night, for at least 5 months. FUN! I knew I was going to be sleep deprived but holy cow! I was like a zombie. I tried spacing out his feedings to 3 and 4 hours during the day, but he still woke up at least 3 times every night. I tried just giving him a binky and not feeding him at all. That was fine, but he still woke up. I tried to let him cry it out. Yeah, that didn't work. He would cry for like 2 hours. I couldn't find anything that would work! He didn't like to take naps during the day most days, or he would want like 3 or 4 naps a day. I couldn't get him on a schedule.
Well it eventually got a little bit better and he started sleeping for about 5 hours at a time. That was really nice. Then it was 7 hours. Now he is sleeping from 9:30-6 then he goes back to bed until about 9:30! It's great! I think he was going through separation anxiety for a while. Now it's like he flipped a switch. In fact he has been sleeping for the last 3 hours. I just sent Dan up to wake him up because it's 7:30. But it's been his only real nap all day. So I'll let it slide;)
One thing that I need some help figuring out is he hates his crib. When it is nap time I have to make sure he is OUT before I lay him in his crib. As soon as he feels my body pull away he wakes up! So then I'll try rocking him back to sleep. This can go on for an hour. Sometimes I just wait an hour and try again. But then it throws off his schedule for the whole day. Any advice?

My Mommy Experience!

Hi Mommy's!
    So in this blog I basically just want to post stuff about being a Mom. I love reading about other Mom's experiences, good and bad, and so I thought I'd share my own. Facebook isn't exactly where I'd like to do that. I want to have something more personal and more geared towards motherhood. SO I'm going to be posting things every so often that are happening with Damon. Feel free to comment and share what you're going through with your little ones, offer me advice, or just let me know I'm not the only one out there who is sleep deprived and living in sweats 5 days of the week!
So I want to give you a little background on Damon and I so those of you who don't really know us can know a little bit about us.
Damon was always such a little wiggler in my tummy. Like seriously he was moving ALL of the time. I have a really small torso so I felt like he was always in my ribs. I had a really easy pregnancy. I was never sick or throwing up and felt pretty good up until about 34 weeks. Then I was ready to be DONE. I was so ready to meet my little guy. His room was all ready for him and my house had been sanitized a million times.
My due date was May 9th. My Dr. said I could be induced anytime the week before. So May 5th was the special day. Cinco de Mayo! Everyone that came to visit had to wear sombrero's! So I went in at 7 AM and thought I'd have my little boy by Noon. No problem. Well.....little did I know, that's not how Damon had it all worked out.
I was contracting but I couldn't feel anything. My tummy would get super tight but it wasn't painful at all. So I was thinking, "Man! I'm such a champ. This doesn't even hurt!" haha yeah I know, I know! Just you wait.
So the Dr. came and broke my water around 12. My petocin level was at 28 because I still wasn't feeling anything.....well about 45 minutes later I was definitely feeling it. Back to back, on top of each other, continuous contractions! I got my epidural around 3:45 and took a nap. Oh it was sooo nice. I thought it'd be smooth sailing from there. Again I was totally WRONG!
I dialated really quickly and was at a 9 and a half in no time! I was like "Bring it on!". Well I stayed that way for the next 4 hours. So 9:30 rolls around and I'm starting to feel a little pressure. So one of the 10 nurses that I had that day came in and checked me....then brought in another nurse to check me. "Hey, anyone else wanna come snag a peak?" Any personal space I had when I entered that room left real quick!
They told me I could start pushing if I wanted and try to get my cervix that last half centimeter. I was ready to get him out so I started pushing around 10:00....My Dr. was supposedly in the parking lot at the time on his way up. Well about an hour and a half later, my Dr. joins us. Turns out Damon is face up. The Dr. tried to turn him for about a half hour. My epidural was wearing off and I was beginning to feel everything. I kept pushing and Damon was already in the birth canal and wouldn't turn.
You guessed it....Emergency C- Section.....
We took a lamaze class before the baby and the teacher said at least one of us would have a c-section and I was like "yeah right, not gonna be me! I'm already fully effaced and dialated to a 2!" WRONG again!
I knew that I had pushed as hard as I could. I knew that it wasn't my fault I was having a C-section. I still couldn't keep from crying. I'd never had surgery before. This was the last thing I wanted to have happen. All I was thinking was "I shouldn't have been induced". So there I was a blubbering mess, feeling every contraction, a baby lodged in my birth canal and a stupid nurse is trying to close my legs to get me on the bed to take me to surgery. I told her I couldn't do hurt too much and my epidural had worn off. She smiled and said "We'll make sure you get the medicine you need in just a minute" (insert strap over my legs to hold them partially closed) THANKS A LOT!!! That makes me feel soo much better!
We get in the operating room. I get some meds and before I knew it, there was little Damon. Well 8 lbs 8 oz 21 in long, Damon! Strong and healthy. I was able to see him but not hold him and that was hard for me. But I was so glad that he was here and healthy and safe.
He had a pretty bad cone head and a bit of bruising. He had jaundice for a few days but we were able to leave the hospital on the 10th. It was great being at home and just enjoying him! He was so sweet and fun to be with.
Even though it was kind of a nightmare getting him here, he is so worth it! He is such a sweet little baby!