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Friday, June 16, 2017

33 Weeks and Cholestasis update

I'll be 34 weeks in 2 days, and I just can't believe I'm getting to the end. we have 3 weeks left! That's it! And they're pretty packed weeks with Father's day, Dan's birthday, the 4th of July, and at least 2 dr apt's a week, then she'll be here no later than the 9th! That's when I'll be 37 weeks, and I'm pretty sure that's when they're going to have me deliver her because I got my cholestasis labs back this week and my levels were elevated. I was kind of fooling myself into thinking that I wouldn't get it again this pregnancy, but here we are. It cut our time left almost in half. Thank goodness we just had the baby shower and I bought more clothes so that I feel like I have a little stock pile for the first year. Now it's all in bags in her room and I have no motivation to go through everything yet.

So I get a lot of weird looks when I tell people I have cholestasis. It's a weird thing. Not many people get it, and I'm just that lucky to get it again.....hahaha
So what it is is when your liver has a hard time processing all the bile, so it gets released into your bloodstream and can harm the baby. So they start doing medication, that I'm taking three times a day. I hate that because I'm always second guessing if I've already taken my pill. I need a chart or something! Then they do non stress tests and ultrasounds every week. So it's a lot of dr apt's. The main concern with cholestasis is there's a high risk of still birth. So you're constantly stressed if you're baby is moving enough and if they're ok in there. The medicine and monitoring definitely helps put you mind at ease a little, but it can still happen and it's scary. Most mornings I can't do anything until I feel her move. If I have to wait more than 5 minutes to feel her I start to panic.

So three weeks left, a nursery to organize, and a house I should probably super deep clean because I'll be laid up for a while. I always think I clean a lot and that my house is super organized, then something like this happens and that weird pregnancy nesting kicks in and nothing is good enough or clean enough or organized enough. I kind of love/hate it.

It's really starting to kick in how soon she'll be here and I'm a little terrified of having 4 kids. Three is tough. 3 kicked my butt and I'm just hoping 4 won't be any worse. Damon and Rafe are just the best and are great helpers. But Jag's sleep and fit throwing needs to get sorted out. I don't know how i'm going to handle all that he's doing and a newborn because Jag is a full time job right now.

The boy's are at a father and son's camp out tonight so it was just Jag and I. He was like a different kid without his brothers around. He was so happy and goofy. He just ran around playing with everything and just loved being with mom. It was so much fun. I haven't just been able to enjoy him for a while. The last week we've been in Melba having fun at grandma and grandpa's house. Jag cannot sleep well there. I always have to lay with him until he falls asleep which can take forever. and then try to sneak out! Then he wakes up and so I pull him into bed with me which I always hate sleeping with my kids. I never get any real sleep! He just kicked me in the face or back and had to sleep on top of the pillow baricade which made me nervous he was going to fall off the bed so I was constantly readjusting him and waking us both us. Anyways, tonight was nice to just love on him and enjoy his little personality. He has no idea what's coming with a new baby! haha and it's going to be hard. on both of us. He's super needy and jealous so we'll see how that goes!

so 3 weeks left! Pray for us that we can get everything done that we need to and especially that baby girl can stay healthy in there for the next few weeks!!