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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baby #4 Update!!

Holy. Cow.

This pregnancy has really been flying by. Which is a nice thing, but at the same time I'm trying to soak up every minute because this is my last one.

I've had a few raised eyebrows about being done having kids. I know it's a big decision. I know it's hard to make. But I truly feel like I'm done. I never really saw myself with more than 4 kids, and after having 3 boys in a row, and now having a sweet baby girl, I'm totally ok with being done. I think if this baby would have been a boy I MAYBE would have considered having another. But since it's a girl, I'm good being done here.

Not to mention my health when it comes to having babies.

Each time it gets a little worse. This time around has been good so far. I'm hoping I don't get cholestasis again, but I will be surprised if I can escape it. The chances are usually pretty high that you'll get it again. It's not a fun thing. And with Jag, I seriously debated ever having another baby because of it. The worry and the stress is just so much to handle. Throw a few kids you need to take care of on top of that and by the end of each day you're just amazed you made it through. I should know sometimes soon if I have it again or not. It usually shows itself in the third trimester, I'm 27 weeks now. Last time I was 32 weeks when we caught it. I itch every once and a while and just feel so burned out which was one of the signs last time that I just never paid attention to. Like of course I'm tired, i'm pregnant and I have other kids to take care of. So anyways, we'll see what happens.

This pregnancy I was super sick the first 16 weeks......but when I say super sick I just mean nauseous all day. I never throw up, but just feel like it all day long.

I've felt pretty good since then. I have always been pretty tired no matter how much sleep I get. I was taking unisom almost every night and it just made me a zombie throughout the day. So I stopped taking it but every once in a while, like if I have a few nights of crappy sleep, I'll take half of one which is a lifesaver.

I've been surprised I haven't had heart burn really at all this pregnancy. Or braxton hicks, which I usually get pretty often.

Sleeping has been terrible and being able to keep up with the boys has been tough! They are so busy! Especially Jag. That kid is a tornado. He is everywhere. He's into everything. He has this scream that seriously makes my head hurt by the end of the day. He's figured out how to pinch, which the older boys hate. And he crawls on everything! He's definitely my most busy child.
Then we have soccer 3 nights out of the week and just chasing  Jag around for an hour to an hour and a half while the boys play, is not really my idea of fun.

They are just so busy. And getting so big. So fast. Which is bitter sweet.

With baby girl and Jag being about 20/21 months apart life is just going to get more busy. and more hectic. and just plain crazy. But before I know it, they'll be headed off to school and I'll be done with this phase of my life. Having babies, having toddlers, and having them need me for every little thing.


I love my babies and I know I'm always going to want a baby in my house. There's just nothing like it.
But I'm ready for that next stage. I'm ready for them all the eat by themselves and talk and walk and be potty trained. But even more, I'm ready for the sports and family bike rides and movies together. Where kids can enjoy those litte things in life with us. Like camping! I don't want to take my kids camping when they're this young. I'm way too much of a controlling mom hahaha! They need to be older, so I'm excited for that phase of life. Like 3/4 years down the road.

So I'm just trying to enjoy this last pregnancy. And enjoy my babies being babies. And trying to enjoy the craziness that is our life. Because before I know it, it'll all pass and they'll be in school and I won't know what to do with myself!

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