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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

C-section Recovery/ Round 2

Recovering from a C-section is rough. I always stay 4 days in the hospital so I can get every ounce of extra help I can get those first few days.
When my Dr. was putting everything together after Jag was born he told me that I had a lot of scar tissue around my uterus. Like so much he couldn't take it out and clean it all out and sew me back together like he usually does to his patients. So I didn't think too much of it at the time. Then at my 6 week apt. I asked him about it some more. He basically asked if I wanted more kids. I said, yeah probably 1 more. And he said that I should probably get a hysterectomy after my next c section and that he for sure wouldn't advice me having more than 4 c sections. Which is fine because that's a lot of kids and 3 is crazy, so if I can have one more, that'd be great. But the thought of having a hysterectomy seems so final. If I have a boy next then I'll have a hard time having it done. knowing I'd never have a girl is kind of hard for me. But if that's what happens, it'll be fine.
So after I learned all that about the scar tissue, I knew I would need to really take it easy for my recovery. I really try. But when you have 3 kids....... and you're stubborn.......sometimes staying in bed is hard. But I think I did pretty good. My mom was with me and was a huge help. So was Dan of course. That man is getting major celestial points for putting up with me and all my medical crap. he's the best.
This recovery I was bleeding.  quite a bit. For quite a long time. And that's not that normal for a c section. So I'm hoping that everything is ok in there! haha. I didn't want to pay the tons of $$$$ for a scan. and the bleeding was minimal by the time I talked to my Dr. about it. I just tried to take it easy and as long as I was up on my pain meds I was good to go! The nursing issues were way worse than the c section recovery. See my other post for that......
having a planned C section was actually pretty nice. I really liked picking out the date, going in and bam! It's done. No contractions or water breaking. No hours of contractions and no progress. I gave it a good try. Twice. So I feel great about having planned c sections here on out.
I didn't use a belly band or any waist trainer type things that they always say work miracles. I work like compression high waisted panties and those were great! You don't feel like you're going to fall out your incision, and they're comfy.
My best advice for women recovering from a c section/rules for myself when I look back on this;)
C section necessities are
comfy undies
good pain meds
a step stool next to your bed
Dr Pepper (for the dreaded #2. It works way better than stool softners. TRUST ME!)
Supportive Pillows for nursing. Behind your back and for under the baby. Your stomach muscles will hate you if you try to use them
TRY: not to laugh, lift, twist, or cough. Seriously 2 nights after my surgery I swallowed water down the wrong pipe and had to cough then sneeze and I thought I had ripped my stitches open. It was horrible haha.
Just try to take it slow! There are layers or stitches inside and it takes a long time to be able to move and stretch like normal without tugging and pulling and stiffness. Just be patient and let your body heal!

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