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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Belly Bandit!

Ok Mommies!! I was just on Pinterest and came across this belly bandit thing. So I went to the website and started checking it out. It looks like it might be something I would be interested in, especially if I end up with another c section. But I wanted to know if any of my friends have used one. The reviews on line are all over the place.  Sounds like the bamboo one is the way to go, but that you'll have to buy a smaller size after a few weeks. 
So I'm thinking IF I do buy one of just buying it in a smaller size and wearing it a few weeks after I give birth to get around buying two. 
ALSO, this might just be a weird thought but if I have a c section and wear this, is it going to heal me differently. Like I just imagine those three different layers of atitches all mushed together and healing to each other because this thing is supposed to be tight. Is that a weird fear???
So any thoughts or reviews would be appreciated!!! 

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