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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blah blah blah

Yesterday was just one of those blah days. It wasn't a bad day, but it definitely wasn't good. Dans been out of town since Monday so I'm on mom duty 24/7.... Which I really don't mind cuz I feel like it gives me and the boys lots of time to bond and do random things that we don't normally do. Like stay up late and watch movies- or take them to lunch and shopping. We've had fun, but I'm tired! I don't know how single moms aren't zombies! Or women who have husbands in the military. I have so much respect for women who do it all on their own all the time or for extended periods of time. 
Anyways! Back to yesterday! I was running on about 5 hrs of sleep, which for me is about half the time I think I need. Rafe came in my bed around 630, so I turned on our tv and let him kick me in the face for an hr while I tried to sleep. I don't get this phase he's in! He won't cuddle.... He will crawl up close to you, prop his feet on you and if he wants Ur attention he just kicks. SO ANNOYING! Damon came in and cuddled for a but then they were ready for breakfast. I wasn't ready to crawl out of bed yet, and was feeling extra mom zombie pouring their cereal. I sat down on the couch then remembered I needed to give them their medicine..... Let me rant on that for a second.... My kids have been sick for weeks! No- we all have been sick for weeks- but if it's just Dan and I it's fine, when it's the kids I want to pull my hair out after a week. It started with Damon getting pink eye, then rafe got it, then Damon had a head cold, rafe got an ear infection and head cold, 2 weeks later their coughs settled in their chest, rafe has a double ear infection- even after the antibiotic. Now we r about 10 days later and I think we are over the worst! Dan and I have been sharing this nasty head cold cough can't sleep can't breathe thing that blows! It's been 5-6 weeks now. And while we're at it- I want to rant about obamacare. What. The. Heck. $600 a month for our family? NO THANKS! How is that supposed to help me? We opted out and are paying the fee. This month we've gone to the dr 3 times and have paid about probably $400 for dr visits and medicine. That's a lot of money, but when I put it next to the insurance premium, I'm ok with it.
Ok rant over!
So after they had breakfast we lounged on the couch for a good hour and I got a little nap. Can I just say how much I love that my kids will sit and watch a show and I can sleep right next to them? Awesome!
We went to the gym, and I think this is when I got in my funk.... I was huffing and puffing trying to get my time in on the elliptical and I see an old man a few rows ahead of me. His hair, the back of his neck, his little hunch.... Reminded me so much of my grandpa. So I'm kind of enjoying some memories of my grandpa while watching this old guy.... Then I caught a glimpse of his profile. I instantly start tearing up. He looked so much like my grandpa. So there I am- huffing. Puffing. And trying to hold back tears, which I'd you've ever tried to do that while huffing and puffing you know that you almost hyperventilate haha. So the rest of the time I was trying not to be a creeper bit couldn't help but watch him. I wanted to just go up and give him a hug. Say hello. But I didn't want to be a bawl baby or a super creeper. But then I went full creeper and took his pic and sent it to my mom. Yeah. Weird. Anyways, it threw me off and I couldn't stop thinking about my grandpa for a good part of the day.
So we get home and I'm doing to usual- lunch, clean, laundry, tried to get rafe to nap.... Not going to happen. So then I jumped in the shower. Both kids crying and screaming through the shower door that they wanted to come in. Ugh. I hate that! It's so weird for me to have two little boys and do that now. I feel like I'm going to scar them for life!  So I rush my shower trying not to yell at them for screaming and crying and throwing fits on the floor. I finish getting dressed and put rafe back in his bed. It's 3:30. Late for a nap but he clearly needed one. He fell asleep quick, and Damon and I hung out and finished getting ready. After about an hr I went to wake rafe. I needed to go to the store and we were going to go see my brother and his wife and little girls. I'm trying to wake rafe up, putting on his shoes and jacket. And he just doesn't want to wake up which is rare. He's always quick to snap out of it. So I'm cuddling him...... And then he puked.... All over me, him, his bed, everything! Didn't see that comin! So I rush him to the bathroom... We only made it to the hall and he puked again. On the floor, the wall and baseboards, everything. He's got it all over him, me, his hair and face, and he wants a hug. Why not? We're both covered in puke, we can share. Haha so gross. So i showered him off then got both boys in the tub, cleaned it all up and changed and did some more laundry. I felt so bad for him! He's been so sick, now I thought he was getting better, then bam! Pukefest.
The rest of the night we cuddled, had chicken noodle soup, and watched a movie and had popcorn which is their favorite. I was feeling better seeing how much fun they were having and it felt so perfect to be cuddled up on the couch with my little guys. Bedtime went so well, and I was feeling good so I thought I'd make their favorite poppyseed bread for breakfast. So I start baking. Then realize I don't have eggs. I didn't get to the store due to the pukemania.....but I'm already into the recipe. Freak. Luckily I had some bananas so I mashed those up, thank you google for the tip, and it turned out ok. But by the time I sat down to fold 4 loads on laundry I wasn't feeling well. Cold sweats and dizzy. What the? It came out if no where. So I just sat there folding laundry, sweating, and looking out my giant windows for the peeping Tom whose been in the area this week. I totally thought he was going to hit my neighborhood cuz we r in the country and it'd be harder for people to see him. And it was foggy. I totally freaked myself out but I'm trying to be a big girl and stay at my own house while dans out of town. I usually head out to my parents, but knew id be fine here.... Until I got online and read that story on ktvb about the creeper! Yeah I didn't sleep well haha
Anyways! This is a super long and random post, but I just thought some of you could relate to those blah days when you just want to face plant into a pile of chocolate and have a two hr massage before bed time....
Thankfully this morning is off to a better start! Rafe seems happy and went all night with no puke, and Damon's been extra sweet;) here's to the crappy days, that make the normal days seem awesome!

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