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Monday, August 6, 2012

National Breast Feeding Week!

So, I had no idea that there is a week dedicated to us breast feeding mothers. But I'm glad there is!
Check this out!  You can get free 10 pairs of reusable nursing pads OR a free nursing cover. (those things save my life!) All you have to pay is shipping. You can also get one of their gift packs which is 2 pairs of nursing pads and a cover. It ends up being like $16. Great deal!   I have one of these slings and I love it! it's a little tricky to figure out at first, but it comes with a guide on how to fold it and all the different ways you can wear it. It holds kids up to 35 lbs. But I've never tried to put Damon in it;)
So if you are in need of either of these, go check out these sights! They have lots of super cute patterns! And they are good quality!

Speaking of breastfeeding, Rafe is 7 months old today. I nursed Damon to a full 10 months but he had 8 teeth at that point. (I know that's crazy, but he teethed so dang fast). So I stopped at 10 months because the teeth were so big, they were kind of catching me when he nursed, and he was super distracted, and wanted to eat table food. So I stopped. I was excited to start it back up with Rafe because I had such a good experience with Damon. ( I know not a lot of moms can say that, Nursing can be painful and pain in the butt) But since Rafe was tongue tied, it made it a lot more painful. So now that that's gone and it's doing much better, he has decided to start biting. Thankfully he has no teeth. But he is teething. So I'm debating if I should stop nursing and just start more solids and formula.
I have a TON of milk saved up so he could probably keep getting breastmilk for the next month or two a few times a day. And I can keep pumping, but that's a pain! But unless he stops biting, then I'm done. I'm not one of those moms who wants to nurse my kid until he's 2 or even past 1. There comes a point when I'm ready to be done playing mommy cow.
The other thing I'm concerned about is I'm getting my tonsils out on Sept. 25. I think all the drugs and pain killers that I take after could affect my milk. I don't want that to transfer to him so maybe it is time to call it quits. What would you do in my situation? Is there anything you do that has worked to stop your baby from biting and gumming you while you nurse? I've squealed so loud and scared the crap out of him, but he still does it. Every. Time. HELP!

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